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We are Called. 

We are His Body. 

We are One Body in Christ.

Christian Healing and Unity 

through the Holy Spirit


Calling all God’s Children—especially His chosen ones from 12 – 30 years of age—to witness an ecumenical (all denomination) gathering of praise and worship in thanksgiving to Jesus Christ through the Gifts of the Holy Spirit with music, scripture, and prayer. The three hour gathering will be led by young adult Christians in Western Washington.

God shot His arrow into the heart of darkness on May 30, 2020the vigil of Pentecost— in Western Washington state.

In thanksgiving, please consider making a donation to Northwest Harvest

for feeding those in need throughout Washington state.

Please type ecclesia2020 in the comment box

to track our total collective donation.

  • To Unite God’s Church as One Body 

  • To Enflame the Hearts of young Christians

  • To Deepen their Love for Jesus Christ 

  • To Bestow on them the Gifts of the Holy Spirit 

  • To Make them Disciples spreading the Good News


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